Access Control Systems

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

LIVE Barriers and Metropolitan Police
Protecting People in Public Places

Project Overview

In 2018, London hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which brought together 53 world leaders and over 2,000 delegates to the capital city.

With all eyes on London, the Metropolitan Police Services aimed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees and viewers worldwide.

LIVE Barriers, , a division of A-Plant, worked with the Met Police and Counter Terrorism Police to provide barrier protection across the city. Having collaborated with CLD Fencing Systems on previous projects, such as Glastonbury and the launch of Connect for HS2 alliance, they immediately turned to the FenceSafe Eclipse system, which they keep in stock for quick deployment.

The proposed system was approved by relevant departments, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, for deployment on the Mall and in Green Park. Nearly 1 km of the temporary event fencing system was used on the project, along with turnstiles and temporary swing gates for vehicular access.

The Brief

The Metropolitan Police Services and Counter Terrorism Police had specific requirements for the fencing that would form part of the protective detail for 53 world leaders:

  • Zero Ground Strike System
  • Ability to take screen from view banners
  • Easy installation
  • Higher level of security than standard temporary fencing
  • Ability to incorporate turnstiles and swing gates

Systems Used

FenceSafe Eclipse

FenceSafe LockMaster

Since it has been up at the event we have had a number of people looking at it. Our names are on the bases and we have had a number of phone calls about what the product is and the benefits of the system. We are very happy with it, with great feedback on FenceSafe.