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RAF Akrotiri

RAF Akrotiri
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Project Overview

RAF Akrotiri serves as the home to the Cyprus Operations Support Unit, which provides joint support to British Forces Cyprus and operations in the region to safeguard the UK’s strategic interests.

The base was established in 1955 to alleviate pressure on the main RAF station on the island and has since developed into a forward-thinking training unit. However, in October 2015, RAF Akrotiri made headlines when 114 refugees arrived at the British Sovereign base, which serves as a critical front-line station for the MOD and Royal Air Force. Reports indicated that the base had insecure areas of the perimeter fence line, prompting the urgent need for an enhanced military security fencing system to boost the level of protection.

The Cyprus Service Provider, a successful ISP contractor responsible for maintaining and refurbishing various British bases on the island, approached CLD Fencing Systems to design and manufacture a new Military Security Fencing Solution. The solution was intended to provide high-level perimeter protection and defense against multi-threat attacks.

To withstand the harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to the sea and aviation fuel, CLD Fencing Systems’ Securus Rigid Mesh High-Security Fencing was selected to increase the security of the fence line. This Approved Government Use solution was ideal for the perimeter security needs of the British Overseas base.

The Brief

The client had several requirements to detect, deter, and delay potential threats to meet the increasing level of security for the base:

  • Increase protection of assets and personnel with their security fence line.
  • Approved for Government Use fencing system.
  • Provide a robust solution to stand up against the rigours of daily life and exposure to harsh aviation fuels.

Systems Used


Selected by the client due to its 4mm welded steel wires offering anti-climb properties with continuous flanged steel posts using non removable shear nuts. The strength of these features ensures a great defence from intruders.

“Here at CLD Fencing Systems we ensure that the services we provide are accommodating for the client. All fencing was manufactured in our Cheshire plant over the Christmas period to fit in with the operations of the RAF base and was successfully installed by local fencing contractors.”